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Today the labor situation in our country has changed and therefore banks and financial institutions have had to adapt to this new work culture. According to INEGI data  , the economically active population in Mexico is 52 million people, of which an estimated 22% are independent workers.

Taxi drivers, stylists, waiters, small merchants and independent professionals are part of the universe of workers who found the possibility of obtaining housing loans very complicated; the argument used for this denial was that of lacking benefits, receiving variable income and not having official receipts.

Fortunately, the landscape is changing, the options to access a mortgage loan are increasing, either through a bank or with the support of federal and even private programs.

The point is that regardless of their employment status, people who work independently can already acquire a home with conditions very similar to those of formal salaried people.

Surely if you are interested in obtaining a loan for your home, you have been comparing information in commercial banking for a while where you only found rigid and schematized financing options that do not adapt to your profile, so it is time to get to know ION, a financial institution specialized in granting mortgage and real estate credit.

In addition, it is the first SOFOM regulated by the National Banking and Securities Commission on a voluntary basis, which gives them even greater confidence as a financial institution.

Whether you need a construction loan or a home loan, ION is your best option, without a doubt, because it handles schemes that facilitate income verification, which speeds up obtaining the mortgage loan.

On the other hand, ION does not resort to the scoring or evaluation system as the method used by companies to decide whether to grant a loan or not, rather they evaluate the credit capacity through its own method based on the various economic activities.

ION allows you to enter prepayments without penalty, a fixed rate throughout your credit, as well as a good saver and good payer scheme to obtain better credit. In addition, it offers life and damage insurance to be protected from any eventuality.

Thus, simple and uncomplicated, ION values ​​your time and offers you a first response to your credit application from the moment you call them at 01 800 777 9292 and ask for advice; immediately a commercial advisor gets in touch and offers you the product that best suits your needs.

Don’t think twice about it and go to  the website , use the  mortgage credit simulator  that it offers you and talk live with an advisor to answer your questions and, if you decide, make your next appointment.

Reasons to invest in a mortgage loan

Beyond representing a great personal achievement and an important step on the path of building a heritage, acquiring a home of your own is a decision that requires detailed analysis of each of the parts of the process, from the type of home that is desired to the mortgage credit options on the market.

Although at the beginning the purchase may seem like an expense, in the end, savings are being generated that in the long term will be remunerative.

Is it a Good Time to Get a House?

Either because you will stop paying rent on a property that is not yours or because you can sell it at another time if you wish. This is where a possibility opens up for those who see a good investment opportunity in the real estate sector.

Housing is an asset that, far from losing its value, will give you guarantees of success.

In this way, if you already have experience investing in projects and companies, in applying for SME credit and business credits, it is time for you to look at the real estate sector and give it a chance.

You can find in it, a complement that will allow you to diversify your portfolio.

A home can increase or decrease its value depending on several factors: the development of the area where it is located, the conditions of the property, the modifications it has undergone and the size of the land.

In this way, not only does capital gain strongly influence the calculation of the market price, but also depreciation. The value of the building has an obsolescence after which it must be invested in repairs so as not to drop the value.

Thus, the purchase of a property as an investment must also occur in a certain time so that you can take full advantage and obtain benefits from it.

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The value of land tends to grow steadily due to the demand and improvement of services.

Before making a purchase, you need to research nearby schools, hospitals, shopping centers, main avenues, parks, and public transportation.

Buy to rent

Buying a home with the aim of renting it later is one of the most recurrent real estate investments.

During 2016, real estate income had an upward behavior due to a large extent to internal migration movements from one city to another, the arrival of foreigners as part of the work team of transnationals settled in the country and, of course, to the Millennial generation (those born in the 1980s and 1990s) who are leaning toward rental housing.

According to information from the Lamudi real estate portal , the Mexicans who feel the greatest predilection for buying properties are those belonging to the generations: “baby boomers” and “generation x”, which continue to be the largest market with 53.9% share .

This sector of the population is the one that values ​​the stability of a house the most, which is reflected in the interest in acquiring a house on the rent.

The real estate sector in our country has been characterized by presenting strong stability in recent years, with a modern infrastructure.

In this way, the home loan market has also shown growth with new options offered by financial institutions such as  ION , which seeks to understand customer needs and adapt if necessary to their characteristics to offer tailored solutions in the shortest time. possible.

Get your mortgage credit in three easy steps

ION makes the process of buying your house or apartment a very simple task and here we tell you how you can get it in just 3 steps:

1.- The first step is to call 01 800 777 9292, there a commercial advisor will support you on your first questions and will pay you a visit to explain which product best suits your situation.

If, for example, you do not issue invoices or submit annual statements, ION has special mechanisms to calculate your income from the sales you make and thus be able to grant a home loan according to your needs.

To achieve this, an accompaniment is made in your daily activities to understand the cash flow and recognize how you earn money.

2.- With the preparation of a report of your activities, you will be able to carry out a simulation of the mortgage credit together with a commercial advisor.

Or if you prefer, you can do it in the   online mortgage credit simulator so that you know the characteristics of your credit.

3.- Complete the file with a credit application (a commercial advisor will support you to fill it out), official identification and proof of address.

Now that you know which is the best mortgage credit option for your home, you can feel confident to take that big step.

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