Liquidity of a company: the 5 keys to achieve it

The word liquidity is very important within any business, as it is totally linked to the ability of a company to survive. The liquidity of a company indicates how capable an organization is of meeting its payment obligations. If you want to know what it is and what are the 5 keys to get it, here […]

How to manage the profits of your company to start your wealth

Discover the two concrete actions that will help you achieve it The most difficult thing for an independent entrepreneur, be it a small or medium business, is to create an efficient financial plan. It is common to think that profits have to be used to grow the company, but an investment in the personal sphere […]

10 Myths About Liquidity Credit

If you think you know everything about liquidity credit, because you have read a lot on the subject, better review these myths that exist about it so that you can make a better informed decision and do not take risks when applying for a loan of this type. In this article we will mention some […]

How to ensure a good financial future

The 7 steps you must follow to achieve it Asking yourself how you want to see yourself in 10, 20 or 30 years is the first step to start with the habit of taking care of your personal finances, if you want to become a person with liquidity and with an equity made up of real estate. […]