Trouble getting a home loan? How to solve them

In the next post you will see how to solve some problems that may arise to obtain a home loan. Our financial system plays a leading role in the management and development of the economy and especially in home loans. The Mexican financial system is made up of different types of financial institutions, both large such as […]

How to choose the ideal house if you have pets?

Acquiring and raising a pet is one of the most satisfying experiences and they derive in many benefits for you, if you live alone with your pet or take care of it with the rest of your family. Some of the benefits of having a pet at home range from dramatically lowered stress levels to […]

Acquire a mortgage loan and save on taxes

The options that will optimize your company’s resources If you are an independent entrepreneur of a medium or micro business, you will know that starting a business from scratch requires dedication, patience and multiple financial knowledge. Perhaps of those three elements you already have two, and it is very likely that it is dedication and […]

What points should you consider when changing residence?

Change. A word that may not be the one we use the most in our vocabulary, however, we must not stop thinking about all that it entails; change is often chosen for the better. With this in mind, the idea of ​​change refers us to progress, to advance; But this progress must always be forward, for example, changing […]

Vertical housing: why has it become a trend?

Cities and their inhabitants do not stop growing, that is why current trends regarding houses must change, all so that individuals can coexist in harmony. For such situations there is vertical housing , a slightly more compact way of living, but without a lack of amenities. These homes, better known as apartments, have already become a trend due […]

Are you looking for a mortgage loan? ION, the best option on the market

Today the labor situation in our country has changed and therefore banks and financial institutions have had to adapt to this new work culture. According to INEGI data  , the economically active population in Mexico is 52 million people, of which an estimated 22% are independent workers. Taxi drivers, stylists, waiters, small merchants and independent professionals are part of […]

What mortgage credit is right for you according to your age?

Buying a house is something that you should start considering from the moment you have financial stability. Considering investing your income in an estate is one of the best decisions of adult life, but how do you know what the right age is? On average, people buy their first home in their 30s, an age when […]

Smart Homes: The New Housing Trend

Imagine a house where you can turn on the television, just with the melody of your voice. Imagine a home with the right temperature. Imagine yourself in a smart home. But, if you are not sure what a home of this type consists of, what its functions and benefits are, we invite you to read the following article. What […]

What does the ideal house need to live as a family?

Thinking about everything your family needs to have a warm and modern home involves a great challenge, since you have to consider more elements; not only the economic. Do you want to choose the home that allows an improvement in the quality of life of your family? In this article we will tell you everything you have […]

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