Everything you need to know to decide to buy a house or apartment

buy a house or apartment

One of the points that you must resolve before undertaking the purchase of a property is to decide if what is convenient for you is a house or an apartment.

Of course the budget has a lot to do with making that determination, but it is not everything, there are also other factors that are very important, since they are the ones that will determine the comfort and convenience of the property where you will spend several years.

Apparently insignificant elements are the ones that provide the most happiness, for example spaces, privacy, if you have pets or if you are willing to sacrifice some of these characteristics in order to be in a more central area of ​​the city.

All these are issues to consult with the family and with the pillow to arrive at a good choice.

Here we give you some keys.


If your idea is to buy a house, take into account that it is more likely that you can exercise your mortgage credit in areas far from the center or even the same city.

In this way, the issue of transfers to your work or the children’s school will be an issue to consider.

On the other hand, the apartments, especially those with vertical buildings, have a greater offer in more central areas, so proximity will be a point in their favor.


If your thing is not close coexistence with people who occupy very close spaces, it is best to give up a condominium regime, since you will have to be very aware of meetings and daily approaches.

The positive factor of this feature is the possibility of having higher security rates.

But in this decision you must also take into account the needs of your family, for example, if you have small children it would be best if you opt for a house where they have a place to study, a personal space and another where they can meet.


If your pets are part of your main environment and you know that they will be with you throughout their lives, it is essential that you allow them to develop in places where they have access to a garden or green areas, so if they are small or medium in size You can choose an apartment with nearby gardens, but if they are large, do not doubt that a house is your best option.


It is true that an apartment has limited spaces, but living in a smaller place also represents important advantages when it comes to shelling out money for repairs, the time it takes to clean and what you spend to keep it in perfect condition.

In an apartment the monthly fixed expenses will mean a payment of mandatory monthly maintenance fees and a house will be free of these payments, although the taxes will always be higher.

Benefits of buying a property

Currently investments and the way people grow their money is diversifying. Some opt for investment funds in the bank or purchase of currencies and, others, decide to invest in properties.

Through a mortgage loan you can make one of the best investments of your life because currently there are various credit products that are adapted to the specific needs of entrepreneurs who receive income and dividends that are difficult to verify.

Take into account that currently there are perfect circumstances to invest in a property.

The sector has been growing steadily for several years ; Antonio Hanna Grayeb, president of the International Federation of Real Estate for the Americas (FIABCI) has assured that the real estate sector in Mexico has all the potential to grow at a rate of 6% during 2018.

If you still question the opportunity, we invite you to give yourself a better idea through a mortgage credit simulator , as well as the following advantages of investing in real estate:

  • Stagnant savings are devalued. Regardless of the amount of money you have accumulated, an interest rate will never give you a greater return than a property. In this way, one of the best ways to make your money work is by buying a house.
  • Your home as life insurance or retirement plan. Your properties can give you a decent retirement. Many people will have a retirement with the minimum installment, which will be insufficient. Owning a home can guarantee an additional income and live carefree.
  • Acquiring properties is shielding the investment. Many of the crises can shake entire economies; However, properties are exempt from losing their value because they generally maintain their estimate and are valued in international currencies, thus shielding your investment in weak economies and keeping your investment intact.
  • Long-term wealth. If you pay a price for your house today, in 20 years that amount will have been exceeded by an unimaginable figure. The value that is generated through that investment will give you what very few businesses can achieve.
  • Peace of mind for your family. Giving your family a house, a space of their own and the security of having a heritage that they can inherit, gives them certainty for life.

Amenities you should pay attention to when buying a home

When obtaining a mortgage loan and having to choose an apartment, it is necessary that you know the amenities that are offered.

Here we leave you a list with the most interesting that you can find in the market:

  • Linear parks. An urban trend is a stretch conditioned for sports and recreational activities that promote health, coexistence, meeting and even commerce. They are planned so that the inhabitants can go there safely and with good lighting.
  • Dog parks. If you live in an apartment it does not mean that you have to give up the presence of your dog. That pet that remains faithful to you can have a special space where it runs, plays, is distracted and lives with other dogs.
  • Roof garden. More than a fashion, having green roofs becomes a necessity. Today there are already incentives for those who keep them. These sites allow to have a recreational area, for leisure and rest on the roof of the buildings. They make good use of space, help care for the environment and increase the real estate value of the property.
  • Private rooms. Having a common space where it can be used to hold social events, work meetings or celebrate birthdays is very attractive because it allows you to save money, feel safe and comfortable.
  • Green areas with games. By reducing the spaces in the houses, the girls, boys, adolescents and older adults look for a place of recreation, so if the same housing complex offers it, without a doubt it can be a reason to acquire an apartment in that place.

If you already saw yourself in your new house or apartment to suit you, stop imagining it and make it come true! Improve your quality of life and build your heritage from today.