How to choose the ideal house if you have pets?


Acquiring and raising a pet is one of the most satisfying experiences and they derive in many benefits for you, if you live alone with your pet or take care of it with the rest of your family.

Some of the benefits of having a pet at home range from dramatically lowered stress levels to potential feelings of loneliness, as well as increased self-esteem.

In addition to the fact that children with pets more quickly understand concepts such as empathy, affection, not to mention that, on the right track, children sharpen their sense of responsibility while gaining beautiful memories with those who, perhaps, are their best friends .

Pets have become a fundamental part of our decisions and these include the place where we will choose to live, since the property must have the ideal spaces so that your animals also feel comfortable.

It is very important that when we think about acquiring a real estate and we have pets, we also meditate on their needs so that we are both happy in our new home. Here are some points to consider if you want your home to be a good place for you and your pet.

The perfect home for you and your pet

There are many types of pets, from parrots and songbirds, to fish, reptiles, and turtles, to rodents, dogs, and cats. The options are many, and each of the species can bring unique and satisfying experiences to their masters.

In general, some pets mentioned above tend to have a very peaceful life and without deficiencies in terrariums, fish tanks, and cages that are adapted to the size of the animal that we are going to take care of, such can be the cases of rodents, fish, turtles, reptiles or songbirds and parrots.

However, those pets that may require much more and better enabled spaces in the home, can be dogs and cats. Therefore, in this article we will pay more attention to spaces and characteristics of the home that satisfy the needs of these two furry friends.

1. Green and wide areas like your heart


This feature may apply more to dogs, however many cats also like it; It is very important that your pets have spaces at home to run and play a little, for this, a garden in which your pets can go out and stretch their legs, run and exercise is the best option.

This is due to the fact that both dogs and cats can become stressed when being prolonged periods of time in small and / or narrow places; When stressed, they can suffer health problems such as depression and even anxiety and boredom, causing that during an episode of anxiety, they break or mistreat your furniture or decorations.

Dogs in particular are animals that require physical activity in order to discharge all their energy and thus can live in peace, harmony and as a whole, be happy. On the other hand, cats, despite appearing to be somewhat more passive, also need spaces where they can play or even hunt small animals.

If, as such, you do not have a home with a garden, you should not worry, a terrace that faces the open air can be a good place for your pets, however, this does not rule out that you should take them out for a walk, which brings us to the next point.

2. Parks for adventure and walks


The walk is a vital part in the care of, mostly dogs, although there are also some cats that enjoy going for a walk, although of course, that depends on the personality of each feline.

However, overall, it is important that both dogs and cats have ample space on hand, which benefits the proper development of their bodies; For this, the recommendation that can be made is that you look for an address in which there is a park nearby.

You might think “but if we have a garden at home, it would no longer be necessary to look for a nearby park, right?” The answer is a resounding YES, yes it is advisable to look for an address near a park and this is not due to meeting the needs of exercise and physical activity but to something as vital as socialization.

Like all living beings, both dogs and cats need to have contact with others of their kind; that is why parks are the ideal place for dogs and cats to interact with their peers, interact, play and have adventures together.

3. Veterinarians close by, guaranteed health


As in the case of parks, if you are going to buy a house with your pet in mind, you should also consider that it can become ill or in the worst case have a health emergency. This is a point at which all types of pets enter, so it can be considered one of the most important on the list.

None of us want our beloved dog, cat, hamster or parrot to suffer an illness that affects his health, much less threatens his life; In the event that the critical moment arises, we must take into account that time can be the key between the life and death of our pet.

That is why it can be recommended to look for a home where the arrival to the vet is a maximum of 10 minutes walking or 5 to 8 minutes by car. Longer times can be more risky if our pet is in an emergency situation.

That said, many of us will not allow our beloved pet to be seen in an emergency, so the proximity of the home to a good veterinarian helps us by greatly facilitating trips to the veterinarian and with this, we avoid as much as possible that our pet suffers from a medical condition that threatens your integrity.

4. At home, every day is an adventure


Let’s go home. At home, many pets will spend quality time with you or with your family, and during all that time they can stay in their place or be from one place to another (depending on the personality of your companion), that is why when choosing a let us consider this important aspect.

Both dogs and cats can do mischief, such as throwing things or even dirtying the upholstery of the home. This is because when they arrive at the new home they may not know it and they will want to mark their territory or they become disoriented and will not know where to relieve themselves.


Now, if your pet is a puppy, the risks become greater, since being small they do not fully control their bodily functions and as a result, they can have small accidents.

That is why it is recommended that the upholstery is not luxurious or too difficult to clean, so that the moment something like this happens, the cleaning is effective. Related to the subject, it is also recommended that aggressive chemicals are not used when cleaning.

This is because, as we all know, both dogs and cats have a much more developed sense of smell and if we use aggressive chemicals, we can hurt them, so it is advisable to use cleaning products that are Pet Friendly.

Make your home, in addition to making you happy, also for your pet!

art-08-Make-your-home-in addition to-making-you-happy-also-make-your-pet-

As has been seen in the previous points, a house that is friendly with your pet will make it much happier and by being happy, it will be able to spend many more moments with you; be it a dog or a cat, by taking these points into account we can be sure that your partner will not suffer.