When is the best time to take out a mortgage loan?

Taking out a mortgage loan is one of the most important decisions for both you and your family, not only so that you stop paying rents that will eventually not give you any benefit, but also so that you have an equity for you and yours. Life is full of seasons, of moments; some good and […]

Immediate liquidity: acquire liquidity with the help of your home

When it comes to obtaining resources in an agile way for a company or business, one of the most viable options is liquidity credit , as it is usually granted relatively easily and quickly. Of course, the time will depend on several factors, related to both the financial institution and the person requesting it. If you want to know […]

Outlook 2020: will house prices go down or up?

The rise in the cost of houses for next year is an issue that interests many of us, as many of us consider it as the heritage that we will inherit to our children. Surely you are thinking of buying a house, but you want to wait until the beginning of the year for its price […]

Gentrification: The new wave to increase your wealth

Gentrification is a constant in our society, it is the change and progress that little by little are observed in different areas of Mexico City. The modernization that can be considered as the new wave to increase the value of your assets when acquiring a house or apartment. This may not surprise you: it is a […]

What is capitalization in real estate

Would you like your money to double over the years? Do you know why in some financial schemes your capital increases? Do you know how to grow your capital without having a savings account? Currently it is unthinkable to live without having a bank account. However, not everyone knows the advantages that this involves, missing incredible opportunities […]