Smart Homes: The New Housing Trend

Smart Homes

Smart Homes: The New Housing Trend

Imagine a house where you can turn on the television, just with the melody of your voice. Imagine a home with the right temperature. Imagine yourself in a smart home. But, if you are not sure what a home of this type consists of, what its functions and benefits are, we invite you to read the following article.

What are they?


Smart homes are those that have access to a set of systems programmed to automatically control type systems: energy, communication and home security. This type of technology is called: home automation. The main objective of this type of home is the improvement of the quality of life, as well as an eco-friendly space.

This type of housing allows family members to use their gestures and voice to control specific functions within the home. In other words, the home infrastructure is at your service to provide you with the best of experiences.

Home automation technology allows the tenant to connect lighting devices, security systems, entertainment systems, computers and thermostats. Yes, smart homes are a great option to make household chores easier and more so if you have children.

We invite you to continue reading about what an ideal house to live with as a family needs.

Smart construction


For a smart home to be able to integrate each and every one of these characteristics, it is necessary to integrate the technological system from construction, since most of them are residential-type houses.

We invite you to read more information about the characteristics of a residential home.

How does it work?


According to information from the McKinsey Global Institute, through the Ovation portal. The architectural process establishes the use of the “Internet of Things”, or for its acronym in English: IoT.

This mechanism consists of connecting to the internet to multiple devices, such as industrial machinery, household appliances and vehicles, which will be able to collect, record and share data in real-time with other devices and control systems.

The IoT application is used in “Predictive Maintenance”. Here you can detect problems in the construction parts. Workers can also make use of this device since they have wearables (wearable technology) that allow their geolocation.

Real-time data monitoring is an advantage, as potential Jobsite problems can be identified from the office. Now, this type of technology is capable of detecting and identifying the following aspects that, below, we will detail what they consist of:



Filtration: This type of tool detects and alerts existing faults in the underground water system of the house.

Materials: With the use of this technology, the necessary material for the work is estimated.

Machinery: The IoT allows us to recognize why two machines that do the same job consume different gasoline.

Cracks: The sensors identify if there is any type of crack, no matter how small it may be.

Energy consumption: IoT technology allows distinguishing the energy demand of construction and optimizes its consumption.

Examples of functions in smart homes

In smart homes you can perform different activities, here are some examples of the use of home automation technology in the home:

See and hear what happens at home, from your office!

Examples of functions in smart homes

This type of intelligent surveillance allows the property owner to have control over what happens at home, from a distance. This serves for the safety of those who inhabit it, as well as to monitor our children and prevent accidents.

Connect and disconnect alarms!


Home security alarms can be activated automatically when we leave them. Notifications are also sent in case there is an attempt to include someone outside the home.

Turn the lights on and off of all the electrical appliances in your house!


This quality in smart homes will allow you to live without worries since with this function you can turn them off remotely. In the same way, you can regulate the lights to have better comfort and savings in electricity supply.

Have automated heating in your home!


This control in the air conditioning of the temperature of the home allows you to condition the temperature per room! For example, if your children enjoy a cold climate, you can adapt an area of ​​the house to that temperature. You have control over the temperature that you like the most.

Open and close doors, windows, electric gates and shutters!


You can command the opening or closing of windows, doors, electric gates or blinds through the use of our voice or, through an intelligent device such as proximity buttons, to mention an example.

Smart bathrooms!


Automatic toilets are a great option for all those who have knowledge about the number of bacteria that exist in bathrooms because their system is automated, which means that both the toilet lever and the sink faucets work by themselves. , so forget about touching them.

In this type of bathroom the door opens and closes automatically, they do not have manual taps, but rather have motion sensors, which are activated when you are using them.

Automated management in dangerous situations!


In this function, you can activate actions that we want to turn on for a dangerous or emergency situation. Among the functions, we can highlight the call to an emergency telephone, the option to activate all the lights, both internal and external to the home, or their flashing.

Fire, flood and gas detection system!


For this function, the sensors can also tell you when a problem or leak is occurring in any of these service systems.

In addition to controlling over lighting, garden irrigation, ambient sound and entertainment.

5 Advantages

There are multiple advantages to purchasing smart homes. However, we are going to show you which are the most remarkable.

1. Security


Security is one of the main aspects that we look at when deciding on the choice of our home, therefore, a smart home is a solution to strengthen it, since it has a specific design for it.

As it has a suitable alarm system that detects intruders, panic buttons, internal and external surveillance of our home, and fire and smoke detection; then you will agree that it is an excellent option.

2. Energy saving


At the beginning we indicate that this type of home is eco-friendly, due to its control over lighting, in the energy consumption of electrical appliances and in the internal temperature of the rooms of the home; You will not have to worry about excessive rates for electricity consumption.

3. Improved communication


This type of automatic tool allows greater access to an external communication of our home through the Internet network, but also internally because we have control of our automated systems through the use of applications.

4. Control of household appliances and installations


The advantage in the use of home automation technologies allows users to program what time they want some appliances and household appliances to turn on.

5. Automatic cleaning


Forget about cleaning the house! The strategically located air duct systems allow the connection of some implements that are used in cleaning.

How to get a smart home

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As you could see, smart homes are an option to improve our quality of life. Do not miss this great opportunity and imagine yourself in a place with all the comforts that we describe. Think of the home of the future. Get a mortgage loan with ION Financiera.

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