Vertical housing: why has it become a trend?

Vertical housing

Cities and their inhabitants do not stop growing, that is why current trends regarding houses must change, all so that individuals can coexist in harmony. For such situations there is vertical housing , a slightly more compact way of living, but without a lack of amenities.

These homes, better known as apartments, have already become a trend due to the lifestyle that they can provide to their users, as they can be very compact to very spacious, it depends on the possibilities and needs of each person. And, above all, they are focused on those who like to live in large cities.

If you are one of those people who like the city environment, keep reading this, because we will tell you everything you need to know about the average home. So that you do not hesitate and become a city dweller who joins this way of life, which is especially aimed at people with a youthful soul.

The departments have already been normalized in the country


In Mexico City this type of household has increased. According to Publimetro , only in 2017 there were three thousand nine hundred ninety-six new houses built in vertical developments and only eighty-seven thousand of horizontal type; this under the confirmation of the National Housing Commission (Conavi).

Among the most logical reasons that can be found for this growth, is that the majority of people who join the large metropolises are young people, who need a place to live and preferably such a property is close to their home. work zone.

For this reason, today’s architecture projects focus on the construction of apartments.

In the same way, many people have joined to buy these houses as an investment, since some of their owners do not live in them. Since they use them to rent to people who need a place to stay for the moment, either for an indefinite stay or for short periods, this through platforms such as Airbnb.

This is indicated by El Economista , because according to their reports, currently 21% of millennials prefer to rent, which leads property owners to choose to earn money in this way and not put the property up for sale.

Benefits of living in a vertical home

1. Space

The vertical homes are homes ideal if you want to live, either with your partner or family, as space is relative depending on the location where this is located.

There are simple areas that can count from two bedrooms to large penthouses with five or more, so you can find a great variety.

Best of all, if you have rooms that are not used, you can rent them to students who all they need is a place to rest.

With this you can make sure you pay extra things or even cover the periodic expenses of the mortgage loan with which you acquired the apartment in case you have one.

2. Savings

One of the advantages to consider in a vertical home is the savings in services such as water and electricity, compared to the money invested in a house, since there is less probability of making use of other types of elements such as the use of exterior lights for a garden, to cite one example.

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3. Environmental contribution

Another point to take into account is that you are not only saving, but also helping the environment. We mention this, because with the construction of buildings less green areas are affected, this is told by Tracsa Cat , stating that today owning horizontal housing affects a little more, so living in the heights is a certain contribution .

Locations that can be your salvation!

These constructions are regularly thought to be accessible in terms of location, as they are close to places such as shopping centers, corporate buildings, schools or public transport stations. Facilitating the transfers that the inhabitants carry out for their different activities of daily life.

This can greatly increase productivity, since thanks to the time savings you will be able to carry out more activities throughout the day and you will no longer limit yourself to doing what can be considered monotonous. In addition, if you have almost everything a few steps away, you can make your health care more abundant thanks to the physical activity of the walk.

Although for this, it is always advisable to carefully review the area where you plan to move to make sure that you will be able to save the time you need. In the same way, it is ideal to check what transportation options are available and if they leave you near your school, gym, work and others.

If time is very essential for you, surely you will find it interesting to live in a vertical home so that life’s setbacks such as traffic and other unforeseen events are not an impediment for you to reach all your important commitments.

Security and maintenance available to your users

One of the great advantages when acquiring a vertical property is that most of them have their security booth, according to information provided by tucantón , experts in real estate services. This is a very good thing, since all those outside the area will always have to identify themselves without exceptions.

With this you can have the peace of mind that you live in a safe place for you and your family. Also, services of this type are usually continuous, which is very convenient in case you are a person who works very late or at night.

Something that goes hand in hand in matters of keeping the building safe is maintenance, since there are already people designated for such work for such activity.

This means that you will not have to worry about cleaning and fixing damages that occur in the common parts of the house such as stairs, elevators and even facades, you will only have to take care of what happens in your home.

The owner or owners of the building are usually the ones in charge of covering this, of course, a periodic fee must be met for the care of the property, although most of them are very low rates. But if you are a person who is busy for several hours a day, it will undoubtedly be a relief that this service is already covered just by making your contribution.

Join the trend in homes!

Now that you know some of the benefits of living in a vertical home, you can surely understand why it has become one of the great current trends in home ownership.

In addition, vertical homes or apartments can be tailored to your spatial and economic needs and, as we mentioned earlier, they offer services that are very useful for their users.

If you are already thinking of acquiring a home of your own but still do not know how, an option, without a doubt, can be a mortgage loan, as it will allow you to consolidate an equity through a loan that you can adjust to terms that fit your lifestyle and economic possibilities.

Through ION Financiera you can achieve the goal of acquiring a vertical home. We provide you with up to 10 million pesos that you can cover in a maximum period of 20 years.

In the same way, with us you can check income in non-traditional ways, for example, through income logs and socioeconomic study. So if you have already been denied a credit for proof of income, we are your option to acquire your assets.

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