What does the ideal house need to live as a family?


Thinking about everything your family needs to have a warm and modern home involves a great challenge, since you have to consider more elements; not only the economic.

Do you want to choose the home that allows an improvement in the quality of life of your family? In this article we will tell you everything you have to take into account to find the ideal house to live with as a family.

Elements to consider for a family home

1. The age of the children


We know that, to think about buying a home, it is necessary to establish who the property will be for, since a house for a single person or a couple without children is not the same as an already consolidated family, which has specific needs.

Precisely, those needs are expressed in the number of members they are, their ages and their life goals. On many occasions we must consider what the family is looking for, in order to have a better quality of life and, therefore, optimal development as people.

The house required by a family with minor children will not be the same as the one required by a family with young children. This is essential since we can think about the school offer.

Schools are a fundamental part for the development of our children and, if we can get a house that is located in an area where the educational offer is high and of quality, I think that without a doubt we would think of the best option for our family.

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2. Closeness to our work area



Likewise, it is essential to think about the location to be able to move to our jobs. On many occasions, a wrong decision is made regarding the area, since by paying a little less, we decide to buy a house at a considerable distance.

On certain occasions, it is more advisable that despite the cost of housing being a little higher, the area in which we choose it should be at a point where the trip to our workplace is relatively close.

Also, for our family the issue of space is very important. A moment ago we mentioned the different needs that exist between families and one of them is related to space.

3. Space

The issue of space is essential to think about the way of life adopted by a large family or with vast needs.

This responds to the needs that interfere with the offers in the real estate world. A large space or, at least, one that suits the particularities of your family enables a solid relationship between its members.

The need to have a personal space to live as a family is essential, since it allows each of the members to develop specific skills and relationships with the rest. If we do not have an individual space, interpersonal ties will be affected since it is not possible to develop as a person in total comfort.

If you have pets, this is another fact that you should consider so that each member of your family feels comfortable. Pets must have a place that allows them to feel comfortable, where it allows them to walk without restrictions, in this way we avoid destruction and their anxiety.

To live as a family, it is necessary to acquire a house that provides all the needs that a family requires to improve their quality of life.


Not only having a large space should be among your objectives, but also the functional part of the property, that is, the availability of space for its use.

Thinking of a house that offers these types of characteristics are, for example, residential-type houses, where their main peculiarity lies in the architectural functionality.

I invite you to read more information about residential homes .

The functionality of a home is the relationship between availability of space for the improvement of interpersonal relationships. With the implementation of this concept in the house you are looking for, the benefit lies in the improvement of relationships with the different members of the family.

How does it improve? As its main objective is the improvement of the internal dynamics of a house, then it is intended that, through a harmonious design, the demands and conditions of those who inhabit it are satisfied.

Accessibility and mobility

Services such as school, transportation or the main roads, proximity to our workplace, health, safety, among the most essential, are elements to consider when buying a house.

As we have already addressed the importance of schools and proximity to the work area, it is time to focus on mobility.

It is important to consider that for the acquisition of a home to live as a family, it is essential that it be easily accessible. How can we know that the house in which I am interested has the mobility I need? Very easy, it must be connected to the avenues with the most flow and connection in the area.

On many occasions, we think that the best house is the one that is located on the main avenues, however, this is not always the case, since noise is an inconvenience. Therefore, we also recommend that you look in areas that have a connection with the main avenues.

Transportation is another fundamental factor in services. If you are used to using a car, it is worth thinking about public transport offers, as it is a transfer alternative.

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Goodwill and location

The area is a fundamental aspect to take into account when buying a house. In the first place, because it places us at a point that enables adequate travel in our day-to-day life.

A place that provides us security, recreational spaces, cultural offers, excellent mobility, allows us to calculate the added value of the area and, to this extent, to know what its value is.

We recommend that the area you decide has all the characteristics that we have broken down for you. We also suggest that you opt for areas that are under development, since consolidated areas can represent a problem since the improvement of these deficiencies can take time to address.

As for capital gains, we define this as the value that is given to an area in which the demand in the real estate supply is high. This element is essential when looking for a home to live with as a family , because if at a certain moment you decide to change your house, your property may increase its value.

I recommend you read more information to know which are the areas with the highest capital gains in CDMX.


The cost of the home you want to acquire is another element that helps us in proper decision-making.

There are online prequalifiers that allow you to establish if your income is suitable for the acquisition of a mortgage loan.

Remember that, although the cost of a home is important, it is more relevant if it covers all the demands you need. Never let go of an excellent option for you and your family, remember to take into account that the improvement in the quality of life as a family is priceless.

Mortgage credit

A viable solution for acquiring your own equity, without a doubt, is mortgage loans. They handle financing schemes that suit your needs.

Currently, mortgage loans are an option to be able to make a property easily and safely. With ION Financiera you can have a home through the acquisition of a mortgage loan.

Remember that…


Buying a home is an important decision, give it the time it takes. The best house to live with as a family is the one that provides you with the best benefits. Choose the one that meets your needs and suits your lifestyle.

The elements that we break down in this article are essential when you think about acquiring your assets. Remember that your family deserves the best living space. So, the economic factor is not the only thing that interferes when making your decision.