What points should you consider when changing residence?


Change. A word that may not be the one we use the most in our vocabulary, however, we must not stop thinking about all that it entails; change is often chosen for the better.

With this in mind, the idea of ​​change refers us to progress, to advance; But this progress must always be forward, for example, changing your car, your job or, better yet, your home.

Previously, it was not very common, however, over the years, factors such as work make us decide to move to another state so that we can continue to move forward.

Changing residence is one of the processes that take more time and effort since we have to make a lot of preparations. From the moment we look for our new home, we choose it and proceed to make the purchase, until the moment we carry all our belongings on the way to a new home.

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How to make the change of our home is not something simple, it is very important that we meditate and, as much as possible, make the best choice, so that the change to the residence that we are about to make makes our lives much more comfortable and we can truly make a change that leads us to progress.

This task of choosing the best home according to our needs can make us a headache, so choosing a home that makes us progress can be a complicated task.

To that, we add that our new residence will be in another state. This can be read very normally, however, it is one of the riskiest decisions we can make in pursuit of the well-being of our family, which requires that we do everything with more care than usual.

It is for this reason that in the following article we list some points that may be of interest to you when considering changing your residence to another state.


Always looking for progress


Finding a place where we feel comfortable and can enjoy living, whether we live alone or with our families, is one of the most natural things any of us can experience, so when considering moving to another state, let’s always meditate on our own peculiarities and interests.

Taking this into account, with the following points, we can be completely sure that whatever choice we make, it will be for the better.

1. Closeness of the new home to places of interest


It may seem obvious, however, it is of very high importance that before making the purchase of any real estate we take into account this aspect, which many overlook.

Either because of the excitement of having acquired a real estate that we liked at first sight or just the ignorance of this point; not choosing a home that is close to our sites of interest can make our experience, more than pleasant, an ordeal.

But what are these places of interest? let us carefully observe our habits and those of our family to realize which are the particular cases; Beyond this, places like supermarkets, schools (in case you have kids or planning them), shopping malls, and our workplaces are a must to consider.

Being close to or knowing with certainty where each of these places of interest is located can be very useful, all this in accordance with whatever our means of transport is, which brings us to the next point.

2. Let’s look for a home where mobility is good.


Make no mistake, we may have a school relatively close, or our work maybe not be too far from our home; however, this can lose value when we want to transport ourselves to those places.

For example, in an area that is close to forests or that is in the middle of natural landscapes, it is feasible to think that there are schools that are relatively close to the new house that we have acquired; however, it may be the case that no one in the family knows how to drive, which would be a problem.

This is due to the fact that mobility in these types of areas is based almost exclusively on wide roads so that the vehicles of the residents of that area can move comfortably with their own cars. Disregarding collective transport.

An example could be Sayavedra County or Bosques de las Lomas, sites that, despite being relatively close to the metropolitan area and the other in Mexico City, respectively, illustrate this type of situation well.

In contrast, the Coyoacán delegation area has enviable mobility. Metro stations such as Coyoacán or Miguel Ángel de Quevedo, multiple bus routes and fleets of taxis that make their rounds, are just a few examples of how good mobility is in this area.

Very similar to this can be considered the cities of Monterrey, Nuevo León and Guanajuato, Guanajuato, which in recent years have gained notoriety by becoming cosmopolitan cities with fairly moderate industrial growth.

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3. Safety first


When changing residence we must put this aspect into perspective, which turns out to be one of the most important when we are looking to change home.

One of the things we can do before deciding if we are going to acquire our new home is to do a little research about the safety of the neighbourhood or delegation where our new home prospect is located.

We can investigate based on the official websites of each delegation; Another way is to check in the newspapers how often the neighbourhood is mentioned on security issues and if this type of mention highlights how good it is or just the opposite.

We can also do reconnaissance tasks (if we have the possibility to do so), such as going to the neighbourhood where our prospect is located to carry out the activities that we would do already installed in the house: walk the dog, go for a run, take walking cycling, walking a while.

Another very effective way can be to approach the residents of the area, and ask them directly what they think about the neighbourhood; By doing this, we can draw first-hand testimony, while introducing ourselves to those who may be our future neighbours and starting relationships on the right foot.

In case of not being able to travel to the location where we plan to move, we can in fact make this type of observation with the help of servers such as Google Street View, to take a virtual walk around what is tentatively going to be our new home.

Changes that benefit us in every way: a new home


As mentioned at the beginning of the article, one of the reasons why we find ourselves with energy and the desire to make a change is to progress, to be able to fulfill a goal in our life and also to make the outlook much better for ours.

We may find ourselves paying rent and, despite this, we do not see ourselves in the urge to change homes, however, the desire to be able to make a heritage that is completely ours, obviously will make progress in our lives.

It may be in the fact that we obtain an opportunity for job growth that helps us progress greatly, but for this, it is necessary to leave for another state.

If this desire to progress is also yours, you can buy a home, whether new or used. ION Financiera is your best ally in these cases. So that you achieve what you have set out to do and give your family what it deserves.

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